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Cosmetic dentistry, also called esthetic repair, is a wide field of dental care that focuses on improving the overall appearance of your smile. 

Everyone who undergoes cosmetic dental treatment has their own reasons to do so. In our Livermore office, we commonly see patients who need their teeth repaired after an injury, want to straighten teeth that grew in crookedly, or need a malformed bite adjusted. 

Because of the importance of fixing smiles, esthetic repair has become a popular area of dentistry. Livermore cosmetic dentist Brent C Lin, DDS, has the experience and knowledge of the most innovative ways to give you the best cosmetic dental care possible. 

When you’re ready for a beautiful smile, schedule an appointment online or call Dr. Lin’s Livermore office directly today.

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ

Esthetic dental procedures are the best way to correct most visible imperfections in the teeth. At Dr. Lin’s office, we often treat patients looking to:

  • Fix chipped teeth from injuries
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Adjust discoloration in their teeth
  • Change the shape of certain teeth (shorten or lengthen asymmetric teeth)
  • Close gaps in their smile

A cosmetic dentist is who you see when you want to get the smile of your dreams.

After the site has been prepared, the dentist will place the implants and stitch the tissue up so the implants can begin to heal and become part of the jawbone. During the healing process, dental implants fuse to the jawbone through a process called osseointegration. This process is what makes replacement teeth connected to dental implants feel so natural – the implants become a part of your mouth.

Once the implants have been placed and are ready, a post is then attached to the top of each implant. These posts are what hold a replacement crown, bridge, or even a full set of dentures securely in place. The time it takes for dental implants to heal and be ready for replacement teeth varies from patient to patient, but it typically takes around 3-6 months. After the healing is complete, the dentist will install natural-looking replacement teeth that match any existing teeth.

The treatment that is right for you depends on what needs to be fixed in your smile. However, the field of esthetic dentistry includes popular procedures like:

  • Dental veneers – When the color or shape of a tooth or multiple teeth needs to be adjusted, a veneer may be the answer. 

A veneer, or a dental porcelain laminate, is a thin covering that is placed over the front surface of a tooth. The veneer is customized to your teeth and made from materials that are very thin and similarly colored. 

During this process, the veneer is bonded to the tooth to fix the discoloration or adjust the shape and size. This treatment occurs while you are numb, and there is little to no discomfort during the procedure or after its completion.

  • Bonding – Similar to veneers, bonding is a dental therapy used to adjust the coloration of teeth or reduce and close gaps.

This process is one of the simplest cosmetic dental procedures. The dentist uses a composite resin, like a plastic material, to shape or polish the problematic tooth. 

This material can be added to existing teeth to close gaps or used similarly to a filling to protect an exposed root.

  • Whitening – Solely used to improve the color of your teeth, whitening and bleaching are processes that help you get the bright smile you’ve always wanted.

There are many reasons why teeth become yellowed and discolored. Medications, food and beverages, nicotine, and heredity are just some of those causes. But with whitening services, the discoloration can be fixed, often in one visit.

With tooth whitening, a gel or rubber shield is added to protect your gums. Next, a specialized bleach is applied to the teeth. It’s a painless, straightforward process that is becoming more popular every year.

  • Contouring/shaping – When your teeth are mildly chipped, crooked, or crowding each other, you might be a candidate for contouring, also called enameloplasty

In this procedure, the dentist uses tools to strategically removes small sections of enamel from the atypical teeth to reshape them. It isn’t a long process, but it is involved and it can only be performed on teeth with minor cosmetic issues.

When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Lin, you can discuss all of your concerns. He will examine you and give his informed suggestions on the techniques that will address the problem areas.

Many factors go into the final decision of which treatment will be best for your care. Above all else, the health of your teeth is the main priority. Depending on your overall dental and medical condition, some treatments may not be recommended.

Since the implants fuse to your jawbone and become artificial roots, they hold replacement teeth in place very securely. This makes them an attractive alternative to traditional dentures that can move around in your mouth. Dental implants also tend to be the most durable way to replace teeth. As long as you maintain good oral hygiene and health, dental implants can last a lifetime, though the false teeth on top of them might need to be replaced eventually.

Some Common Reasons to Get Dental Implants:

  • Hold a crown in place to replace a single missing tooth
  • Support several missing teeth as an alternative to a bridge or dentures
  • Restore bite functionality and chewing power
  • Recreate the natural look and feel of your teeth

The price for your procedure will vary depending on what you are undergoing and the length of treatment involved. If cost is a concern, speak to your dentist to see if other options are feasible.

The severity of the condition you are trying to fix plays a big part in the overall cost of the procedure. The difficulty of the treatment itself helps to determine the price, also.  

To determine if a cosmetic dental procedure is in your budget, talk to Dr. Lim to get a full understanding of what will be involved with your personal care.

Dental insurance generally covers the bare minimum of care. Your policy may be just enough to pay for your annual checkups and x-rays.

If the procedure is purely cosmetic, it’s most likely not covered. However, if you need repairs because of a chipped tooth from an injury or a tooth that has an exposed root, your insurance may cover it. 

As a rule of thumb, you should expect to pay for your cosmetic dental services out of your own pocket. But it can’t hurt to talk to your insurance company and let them know the reasons behind the care you are getting. 

If it is medically necessary for your oral health, you may be able to get them to cover all or part of the treatment.

Cosmetic dental care often goes hand in hand with hygiene. How you take care of your teeth and gums plays a big part in how they will stay healthy-looking over time.

Regular dental visits can catch small issues before they become big problems. But you need to be caring for your teeth at home daily as well.

Dental experts suggest brushing your teeth at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Flossing is also important.

What you eat and drink can affect your oral health, too. Avoid beverages that have dark pigmentation, such as tea, soda, and coffee. Chewy or hard foods are not good for your teeth, so try to stay away from those, also.

For more information about toothaches or to schedule an appointment with our dentist, call our office in Livermore, California today.

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