Dental Insurance Options in Livermore

If you and your family are looking for regular dental care or need help paying for complex procedures, it’s good to know which insurance options are available in your city. Dental insurance is different from medical insurance, and dental insurance is not a covered type of care through straight Medical plans. Still, you may be able to find affordable insurance if you know where to look.

Your dentist’s office will have specific information on the types of plans that they take. Not every dental provider accepts all of the insurance plans you can get if you live in Livermore. However, they can work with you to point you in the direction of someone who does accept your plan, or possibly set you up with a payment plan so you can continue to treat with them.

Many dental office staff are trained to file claims on your behalf with your insurance provider or show you how to work with third-party financers such as CareCredit. 

Call your dentist to speak to them about your financial options and find out which providers they are in-network with that are affordable and available for you in Livermore. 

Popular Livermore Dental Insurances

Many insurances are available across the country, but each of them has their own requirements and benefit options. Make sure you understand clearly what your policy covers and verify that there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions or caveats that state that you must have the insurance plan for a minimum time before it can be used. 

Another common limit that those taking out insurance plans overlook is the maximum benefit annually. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to pay for your dental work out of pocket than to pay the insurance premium each month, only to find out that you’re paying for a very low coverage threshold.

Some of the more common insurance carriers who offer coverage in Livermore include:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Anthem (Blue Cross)
  • Delta
  • UCCI
  • Guardian
  • MetLife
  • Ameritas
  • United Healthcare
  • CareCredit

Before you sign up for a policy, be sure to understand what kind of coverage you’re getting with your premiums.

Learn the Insurance Lingo

Look for the “covered benefit” section. This shows how your insurance will cover treatment that your dentist recommends, which procedures are listed on the covered fee schedules, and which ones are accepted through the particular group you’ve signed up with.

Some treatments that you may be planning to have are considered optional. Check for full disclosure so you know whether the coverage you’re looking at will help you with this treatment. 

Optional treatments are normally anything not listed on the fee schedule the insurance company provides you with or any type of treatment that is considered more than what the insurance deems as the minimum necessary to get your tooth back to its basic functioning.

Finally, check to see whether the insurance company gives you an indemnity, PPO, HMO, or discount plan. These labels will determine the providers you can see and how the insurance will pay. Indemnity insurance is preferred since it lets you go to any dental office of your choice that is willing to accept that coverage rate.

PPO plans are the most commonly seen type of coverage, but the dental office must be a preferred provider to get paid. This means your choice of dental providers is limited to the panel the insurance company has in their network. These dentists agree to take on a reduced fee schedule in exchange for receiving more patients through this network.

On the other hand, HMOs usually have cheaper premiums, but it’s harder to find providers willing to accept this coverage. With an HMO, you still must pay the doctor, but you’ll get reduced rates.

For more answers to your insurance questions, contact your Livermore dental office directly.